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Medical Assistant


If you are looking for the best Medical Assistant Training in town, More Tech Institute is the Medical Assistant School for you. Here, you will be trained to become a multi-skilled health care professional qualified to perform administrative, clinical, and laboratory procedures in a doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, or any other medical setting.

As a Medical Assistant, you will be an integral part of a health care team. Your administrative office responsibilities may consist of handling insurance forms, billing, scheduling appointments, and more. Clinical duties may range from taking medical histories and vital signs to providing basic patient instructions.

Our graduating students may find employment opportunities as a Medical Assistant in:

  • Hospitals

  • Doctor's Offices

  • Medical Centers

  • Clinics

  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Any other type of Medical Office

Program Description

The Medical Assistant program will cover the introduction to the structure of the body, medical terminology, and clinical procedures. Immune, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems are included in the program. The program also covers front-office techniques with special attention to coding documents for filing, preparing agendas, and more.

Program Length

Duration of this program is nine-hundred (900) clock hours. The student has forty-five (45) weeks to complete the program.

Program Outline


MA-101 - Structure and Function Of The Body I

Introduction to the structure of the body, including cells, tissues, organ systems, musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, and digestive systems. Students learn about diseases that are frequently diagnosed and treated in a medical office setting.


MA-102 - Structure and Function Of The Body II

This course offers an introduction to the structure of the body, including respiratory, urinary, reproductive, and immune systems. Students continue to learn about diseases that are frequently diagnosed and treated in a medical office setting.


MA-103 - Medical Language

This is an introductory course to the field of medical terminology, including basic word structure and the use of medical and technical dictionaries. Students identify components of medical terms and perform analysis and reconstruction of terms. Students learn operative, diagnostic, therapeutic, symptomatic, and surgical terminology of all body systems.


MA-104 - Medical Clinical Procedures

This course introduces clinical procedures, including medical asepsis, detecting vital signs, physical examinations, appreciation of ear and eye, local application of hot and cold, importance of sterilization and disinfection, minor surgery, administration of medication, and laboratory procedures for urinalysis, microbiology, and HIV/AIDS.


MA-105 - Principles Of Electrocardiography

This course details the path of the blood through the heart. The conduction system of the heart and the components of the E.K.G. cycles are studied. Techniques of electrocardiography standardization and the procedure for recording and mounting a standard 12-lead electrocardiogram are mastered.


MA-106 - Word Processing I

An introductory course designed to enable students to learn how to enter, edit, and modify text easily and quickly using Word Perfect software.


MA-107 - Word Processing II

A skills oriented course that teaches students document coding, work flow organization, back up processing, document saving and retrieving, bold printing, centering, directory organization, pagination, editing global search, wrap-around justification, columns, tables, outlines, fonts, merging, format, speller, grammatical, and control.


MA-108 - Principles Of Phlebotomy

Students learn about current phlebotomy practices, infectious diseases and their preventions. The course covers phlebotomy equipment usage, procedures for venipuncture, special collection, and complications.


MA-109 - Principles Of Radiography

This course introduces the student to X-ray technology, fluoroscopy, mammography, CT scan, magnetic resonance, sonography, positioning the patient, and the procedures for producing an X-ray.


MA-110 - Electronic Spreadsheet

Emphasis for this course is placed on the basic applications of spreadsheet software. This includes such concepts as the use of spreadsheet analysis, database management, file manipulation, and the use of graphics.


MA-111 - Externship

Students are placed in doctor’s offices to gain actual experience as a Medical Assistant. Emphasis will be placed on medical asepsis, vital signs, physical examination, sterilization and disinfection, use of medical office equipment, and general office procedures.

Program Cost

Application fee
Registration Fee
Tuition Cost
Textbook (Optional)


Payment Terms

The institution accepts credit cards, checks, and cash. All monies owed to the institution must be paid within thirty (30) days of the due date. The institution will send reminders for collecting delinquent tuition and/or monies owed. Any student with an outstanding debt to the institution won’t be able to graduate and/or receive a diploma.

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